Haircut 🧒🏼

Much like his dad, Bamm-Bamm has hair that grows at a silly rate and ends up with a slight curl. We decided to get it cut after nursery since his sister was getting her hair cut in town.

We went to Magic Scissors in Lochee, been here a few times now and the lads are pretty good.

Another before

They had some photos of styles above the chairs and after we discussed the Spider-Man side style, we landed on “picture three!”

The guy asked me how it should be cut, and before I could say anything, he was told in no uncertain terms that “Number threeee!” was the choice.

B sat remarkably still, and only twitched a bit for the clippers. Luckily all ears remained untouched.

After, saying “cheese”

We went to meet granny who was going to give us a lift home. “I can’t see her car yet” I said. And the little reply comes back “It is the one with the yellow tree!!!” Eh…what?

Sure enough, we spotted granny, and the yellow tree:

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