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Sometimes it's good to move about and chat.

Check-in opens in 4 hours

Off on a ✈️ again soon

AFK catch up and information processing

Coming back from AFK

Photos from the Old Square, Albufeira, Portugal

Three years of Ingress

Just over three years ago I started playing the mobile game, Ingress, the first image was for my friend who invited me - beta users got a badge if they got three iOS players who then went past L3.Now Niantic... Continue Reading →

Holiday caffeine ☕️

Holiday caffeine

Net Neutrality

The FCC wants to repeal Net Neutrality. Without Net Neutrality, big cable and telecom companies can divide the internet into fast and slow lanes. What would the Internet look like without net neutrality? Find out by enabling this banner on... Continue Reading →

Another view

I'm lucky in my job to be able to work from wherever I want. When I go to work, I work from Henry's Coffee House in City Square, Dundee. Today I was working from the W Cafe in Waterstones, Dundee. Wifi... Continue Reading →

Democratizing Identity

I was part of a thing. This was cool


One of the core ideas we stand for here at Automattic is Democratizing Publishing—the idea that anyone with a story should be free to tell it, regardless of income, gender, politics, language, or where they live in the world.

We support this idea by providing hosted website services through for our global customer base and by contributing directly to the open source WordPress project.

At the heart of Democratizing Publishing is our belief in Diversity and Inclusion, a value that has influenced the growth of Automattic, not just in hiring practices, but in how we operate as a company. We’re fully distributed with our ~565 employees spanning the globe representing over 56 countries and over 78 different languages.

Within the past year, we’ve begun to update our communications around to emphasize the versatility of the service as more than just a blogging platform. It’s also a…

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