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Having only worked two days this week, it’s the weekend, and then I’m only “working” one day next week. 

Feel like I’ve hardly spoken to my team this week but as of 9am Tuesday morning I’ll be on a plane to a spend week with them.

Didn’t think I’d be back to Mexico this fast! 

Had dinner in True Kitchen this evening. Christmas present from my brother which we used to Zara’s birthday.

Along the windows are shelves of empty bottles with handwritten messages attached.

Heading home earlier I saw a bus stop signage advertising Amazon’s new series Sneaky Pete.

We watched this over the past week or so, Bryan Cranston and Giovanni Ribisi amongst others.

The premise is a con man takes on the life of his cell mate upon release from prison, but like most things, this doesn’t go as he’d originally planned.

It was really enjoyable, the twists added to the drama, and both script and acting I thought were fantastic. 10 episodes, all streaming now on Amazon Prime – Definitely worth a watch!

Level 15

Last week something major happened in my life.

I hit Level 15 in Ingress. I’ve been playing since the day after it was released on iOS, 15th July 2014.

The basic premise is to visit real world location, and using the app on your phone, “fight” over “portals” against the opposing faction. You gain points for actions you take. These go towards badges, and/or Action Points.

I’ve played Ingress in Dundee mainly, but have also played on my travels to Edinburgh and Glasgow, and as far afield as Whistler, and the Cancun area of Mexico. It’s been fun.

Now for the final slog to Level 16.

I have a history of smashing phones. Picked up this new case earlier.

The tech21 Evo Mesh Sport, nice flexible case, got some bounce. 

Panda and Sons

At 79 Queen Street, Edinburgh there is a small window and door advertising haircuts and shaves for 25¢. There is a small entrance hallway leading to stairs. Pull open a bookcase and you enter Panda and Sons, a lovely speakeasy, offering cocktails and other drinks. 

You’re presented with a booklet (above) which lists the Panda family and related drinks. A glass of water and popcorn are given when you sit down, and the whole atmosphere feels like you have stepped back into the prohibition era, and this is an exclusive membership club. 

We chose the Trolley Trampage and The Dappler, many other pun-ly named drinks are inside. And presentation is 💯

It’s nice to have a night away. 

We regularly play boardgames, I’m going to start noting it. 

I keep joking someone should build an app to keep track of who wins what game. 
Tonight Zara won Smallworld, and Jack & I won a game each of Adventure Time Fluxx.

Please enter information associated with your online presence

Going to Mexico a week on Tuesday, guess I should get my ESTA sorted…

I guess this is now the least of our worries:

ESTA Social Media questions

Another nice one from Braithwaite in Dundee. 

They don’t have an online presence at all. I asked if they would for orders or publicity, but it isn’t to be – the owner is happy with their current business (in person & by phone order) that any more would be too much. 

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