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Pings and Bells


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Baby Christmas tree

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Popular company profiles and the GitHub traffic charts

Sometimes this little “remote jobs” thing surprises me

Remote In Tech

I’m always interested to see if and how the remote-jobs repository is popular. I’ve looked on GitHub at the Insights > Traffic tab quite a few times, and tweeted previously about it.

I wanted to know exactly what “views” and “unique visitors” meant when there is only a 14 day window shown.

github_traffic_visitors Visitors chart for up to 6th December

2.5K views, wut?!

“Is that in the 2 week period, surely not… * counts individual days * …oh ” and “I wonder if those uniques are a tally?”

So I asked GitHub support, and sure enough, those numbers are _only_ for the period shown. Yes, if someone comes back like every 3 weeks, they are shown as a unique for each count, but still, this is humbling to me.

github_traffic_refer.png Referring sites up to 6th Dec

Those top four are consistent. The reddit ones are a bunch of threads which change…

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Got this the other day. If you'd told me when I signed up for this (to participate in an Advent blog series) that I'd be working for the company behind it 10 years later I'd have laughed. Heres to the... Continue Reading →


Delicious Yeo Valley Lemon Curd Yoghurt

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Walk to Invergowrie

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