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I’m sick of smiling…

...and so is my jaw

Motivation for the long haul

The motivation in your job should be core to what you do as a career.

Snorkelling and Cenotes

Wow. Just wow.


Working in person with the team for a week.

You haven't checked in to Newark Liberty International Airport since September '12. Cheers Foursquare, hadn't really forgotten about that. 4 years, 5 months, 6 days ago. Funny how life has a way of completely 180'ing your thinking. I left the States... Continue Reading →


I have a bit of a thing of making sure we recycle as much as we can.  "You'll need to let me know what I can and can't recycle while you're away" my wife commented the other night.  I mean,... Continue Reading →


I joked with Bamm-Bamm earlier that the last time I was away in Mexico (wife & I away for honeymoon), we came back to him properly walking (May 2016). I asked what would Daddy come back to this time?  At... Continue Reading →

We're having an afternoon cooking with the kids and enjoying time together before I disappear for a week.  Banana bread cupcakes and chocolate Paw Patrol cookies (in cupcake miles of course). Paw troll tookies!

Having only worked two days this week, it's the weekend, and then I'm only "working" one day next week.  Feel like I've hardly spoken to my team this week but as of 9am Tuesday morning I'll be on a plane... Continue Reading →

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