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Me? Oh y'know, vacuuming my AstroTurf. As you do. The AstroTurf in our garden is a bit wobbly and has weeds growing through it, with the tilt it also has areas where the rain water pools slightly. This really was... Continue Reading →

Level 16

Level 16 on Ingress

The Smokie and The Souter

Incredible words from my pal Davey about his pal Scott.
It’s odd reading this and thinking “I remember him mention that” or “I remember seeing that photo on Facebook”.

Thank you for sharing, Davey.

The first time I met Scott, was the same as the last time. In fact, the same as every time. He walked in sheepishly to the reception of the Union in Dundee, looking for someone to speak to. Or rather waiting for someone to speak to him. And there it was. The single raised hand greeting, with the other firmly planted in his pocket. A nervous smile, and the overly humble introduction. This is how Scott introduced himself to me 10 years ago. It’s how he greeted me when he walked into the Queens Arms on my stag night, the last time we saw each other. This quickly morphed into a classic Scrab hug, coupled with the affirmative ‘hiyaahhh’ wee laugh that always accompanied it. A lot changed in the decade that followed. But Scott didn’t.

The first night we met, I had booked the band for a T Break…

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One Hundred Thousand

One Hundred Thousand

Into gardening season

Into gardening season

One year of (almost) dry nights.

We've had literally a handful of accidents but today marks one year of Ben being dry during the night. Which means he's been toilet trained for over a year, probably February last year. We still need some practice of not... Continue Reading →

Red flower

Red flower

Wits & Wagers

Wits & Wagers - History's Most Award-Winning Party Game

A holiday for no purpose

Taking time off just because

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