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p2 list for going AFK

Crossing off my to-do list before holiday

I did a thing for remote people

I did a thing for remote people

Invite only

Rocking out tonight

We’ve grown

I mentioned before that we've grown in number at Automattic since the last Grand Meetup. We took another photo as our one at the start of the week wasn't a high vantage point. Being around my colleagues and friends is... Continue Reading →


Sometimes it's good to move about and chat.

Check-in opens in 4 hours

Off on a ✈️ again soon

AFK catch up and information processing

Coming back from AFK

Photos from the Old Square, Albufeira, Portugal

Three years of Ingress

Just over three years ago I started playing the mobile game, Ingress, the first image was for my friend who invited me - beta users got a badge if they got three iOS players who then went past L3.Now Niantic... Continue Reading →

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