9 years later

I missed the date with the rush of last week. Then Sunday was my birthday.

I am just over 5 months into working at Automattic, and never when 23 year old Doug signed up on that afternoon of December 2nd 2007, did he think “Aye, I’ll be working with people who support that”.

And now I am.

Maybe I’ll keep updating my weblog now. Fancy new domain coming soon too, so I’ll need to!

We hope you dig your new weblog

“weblog” Oh mid-noughties, you wouldn’t recognise us now.


4 thoughts on “9 years later

  1. I also joined WordPress.com in 2007 (May). 😀

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  2. Congratulations Doug. Funnily enough, I too celebrated 9 years with WordPress in the last few days. And, come to think of it, I’m about to move to a fancy new domain too. You’re not me are you? 😉

    But here’s to many more anniversaries!


    1. Whoa! Well now! Happy anniversary to us!


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