Part of the deliberate scheduling for the week of Grand Meetup is to allow us to speak to people in the company we wouldn’t otherwise have done so.

Today in our “homeroom”, we’re doing speed networking, 4 mins with a bunch of hint questions, and then move to the next person.

The room is just a buzz of voices, people chatting, and when the buzzer has gone, I’m having to use my special microphone to get people to move on.

In person, until I have met someone, I’m not good at starting conversations, there are people I’ve only said Hi to, even today, that I’ve talked to on Slack. I’m used to having my small group of friends and don’t “need” to go outside that. It’s been a good chance to interact with more people, and the conversations at lunch and dinner with the arranged seating has led to some great conversations.

In the foreground, there is Ben from Editorial and Danny from Support, then David from VIP and George from Woo. These people don’t interact on a day to day basis but the conversation is flowing, the buzz is infectious.

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