Baby Christmas tree

So Bamm-Bamm wrote a letter to Santa in nursery of his wishes.

He’s been desperate to open the “non Santa” presents under the Christmas tree. Age 3 is clearly the year kids become aware about the beauty of the commercial and secular Christmas spirit.

To Santa

For Christmas please can I have….

* Disney cars (he has the movie on DVD and on Disney Life)

* A baby Christmas tree (what?!)

* A mater (“from Disney’s Cars”)

Thank you for presents.

Love from Ben


This was endearing when we got it from nursery, we loved it and Zara posted it on Facebook.

Completely independently (or so I thought) I get a message from my mum yesterday morning.

Hi we have sent a present for Ben via Amazon with your name on it. Must be opened right away. You can say either it’s from Santa or us! Hope he enjoys it. Lots of love xoooxx

“Huh?!” I think.

This evening we get a knock on the door, a small parcel is presented to me by the driver with my name on it. Oh, that must be the present mum and dad sent.

We notice the size. Wait a minute, they didn’t, did they?!

Sure enough

A baby Christmas tree.

Suffice to say we have an ecstatic 3 year old

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