Into gardening season

We did the first proper work today in the garden of 2018.

My main job was trimming our hedge. I say trim but it needed a bit more than that! We’d asked my father in law a while back to bring his hedge trimmer next time and he visited last night and today.

My tool for today:

The gratuitous before pics:

You can see the amazing state of the AstroTurf. We’re renting so not too much we can do about it but a future plan is to rip it up and then flatten the earth and re-lay it with better underlay. The whole turf has small weeds constantly poking through.

Halfway through:

Of course with AstroTurf you can sweep it!

We move some furniture around and have finished for the night. Full brown bin of hedge trimmings and old tarpoline to throw out.

Over the summer we’ll get the decking repainted, clean up the AstroTurf, do borders and maybe replace the stones with bark.

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