Here comes the rain

Suddenly, we felt that slightly unfamiliar experience. Yes, there it was. It was raining!

Anyone in the UK will know that the past few weeks, probably just over a month, has been almost solid sunshine. We’ve easily been hitting mid-twenties a lot.
As someone who doesn’t deal well with heat, it was a welcome break.

Didn’t last long, though. It was gone by the time we’d got home from my nieces’ second birthday party.

When we started to feel the drops, I was reminded of that Peter Kay sketch. “It’s spitting! Everyone inside, it’s spitting!” (from his Top of the Tower DVD).

This was back-dated on Monday morning.

2 thoughts on “Here comes the rain

  1. We haven’t had the rain where I am yet. I hope it comes soon!


    1. It was literally a 20 minute drizzle, Luke! It’s gone away again. This is unheard of for Scotland!


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