Upping our recycling game

I’ve posted before about how I like to recycle as much as possible, including how I like to use dog poop bags for our food waste, but today, after Zara went to Ikea, we levelled up.

For the past while we’re been using blue and green plastic hessian-type bags to hold our recycling in the house. On a previous trip to Ikea we saw stackable storage type boxes and Zara bought them today.

We’re fortunate to have a utility room where we have our bins and washing machine, dishwasher so everything that falls under “cleaning” is kept together. Any rubbish? It will be sorted in the utility room, bin for some stuff and recycle what we want.

Our recycling bins under went another iterating a few months back and glass recycling now goes in a kerb side bin a few minutes walk from the house, but that meant I had to sort the glass jars and bottles somewhere else. Smashing glasses in the big bin is so satisfying!

Three tubs later and we’re cooking with gas!

Top is plastic and cans, middle is paper and cardboard, and bottom is glass (and a bag for my Nespresso coffee pods also hides in there as well).

Good sized as well so I don’t have to constantly go round to the wheelies.

Now all I need is an automated system which has a hole in the kitchen and a vacuum system spits things into the appropriate wheelie…

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