The Outlaw King

backdating this to fill in Friday after watching this on Sunday before

I watched The Outlaw King last Sunday. I saw the trailer a while back and was interested to see how it would go. I read a good article from IndieWire about how after the TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) premiere, David Mackenzie went back and reedited the film. I can only imagine some of the previous footage now but I’m glad the previous cut with Wallace wasn’t included.

As someone who grew up involved Paisley Abbey, I knew (spoiler!) that Marjorie Bruce wouldn’t die but it was still a gripping film charting Roberts journey to the victory at Loudoun Hill.

Great cast, good plot, probably as real to life as we’d imagine. Unlike other films based on historical Scottish figures.

And of course, James Cosmo is in it amongst other great actors. And some boy named Chris Pine, who doesn’t do a bad accent.

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