Cleared the office

Today was office tidy and more junk clearing. Going through my old stuff and finally parted with electronics I haven’t used for years and don’t really work.

Including this beaut:

The Oregon Scientific Osaris PDA.

Bought in ~2001, I got this as I couldn’t save enough for a Compaq iPaq. It has a serial port which I don’t think would connect to any modern PC.

Moved my desk again, it will probably move some point but it may work for now.

And cleared a bunch from the cupboard, organised things.

Threw out SO MANY cables of varying types like mini USB, micro USB, peripheral, and proprietary cables.

Now need to sort through my silly amount of CDs.

Also, pin board with my stuff beside my desk now.

Need more stuff on my walls but I’m picky.

And then in the New Year, the walls will get painted.

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