Today is momentous.

I got a new phone. Not just meeting me but NEW.

Context – I’ve smashed at least four phones, and lost one (which was later smashed) so I’ve taken Zara’s when she upgraded. She’s keeping her X so I got to get a new phone. Today I took delivery of the XS. It’s lovely.


Not gonna lie, the setup of a new iPhone is seamless now. I set the country and language then the XS told me to hold my current phone near it. I did, scanned the lovely blue swirls, and it was like magic.

Quickstart is amazing. I didn’t have enough worry about putting in my 24 character password then confirming 2FA. It brought my iCloud across and set up FaceID and my bank cards from Wallet.

For once, “it just works”. The only thing I needed my password for was restoring from backup but I didn’t enter it, I reset the process and I didn’t need any password until I signed back into apps.

Face ID & new gestures

I’ve used Touch ID since the first day I could so I was excited for Face ID. It’s better than I expected, glasses on or off, and very quick. It’s now enabled for any service which previously used Touch ID.

I love the new gestures, took a second to get used to swiping down to get Control Centre but I also use AssistiveTouch from years back when Home Buttons and Power buttons were known to become dodgy on certain models. I rarely use the physical buttons so the new gestures add to this such as App Switcher.

Overall I’m sure I won’t push the phone to its max but it’s a great device and really I’m more excited about my delivery tomorrow… ⌚️

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