How do you wear your Watch?

My brother works in a retail store of a UK mobile operator. He’s become pretty good with phones. Far cry from 5.5 years ago when he got his first smart phone, so of course, this means he thinks he knows all about how to use tech gadgets now. He looked at my Apple Watch as he’s over for Christmas and proclaimed I was wearing it wrong since it’s on my right wrist*.

I replied if that was the case, then Apple wouldn’t have made part of the software able to change the Watch orientation.


*being a leftie, I’ve always worn any wrist thing on my right since when writing, any watch would clip the surface

3 thoughts on “How do you wear your Watch?

  1. I’m the opposite, everyone thinks I’m a leftie because I wear my watch on my right wrist. When I remember to put it on…


  2. I wear mine with the crown on the left, not because I’m left handed but because I find raising my wrist keeps activating Siri otherwise. As you said, why give us the option otherwise?


    1. I might switch it since I had activated Siri so many times


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