More data about everything

I’ve long had Gyroscope and use it to measure some parts of my life. Now with my Apple Watch, I’m measuring more, like sleep, heart rate, activity.

I spent some time logging back into apps today I hadn’t used in a while to help me measure more parts – some via Gyroscope, and some outside of that.

I’m not someone who uses the “new year new me” thing, but I do want to make more effort to track my daily life to look at how I’ve changed over the year.

Here are some things I want to do more of in 2019:

  • Read more – via Goodreads
  • Track movies watched – via Letterboxd
  • Do more exercise – via Runkeeper/Strava/Seven (workout app)
  • Listen to more music – via Lastfm (as usual)
  • Start meditation of some form – via Apple Watch Breathe at least

Let’s see how I get on

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