Year of the blog

I’ve seen variations of the phrase “2019 will be the year blogging comes back” a few times recently and I have to agree. I’ve enjoyed reading blogs more and I’m wanting to write more.

I agree with a Tweet I saw a few days ago which said, and I paraphrase, “people aren’t sharing any more in small circles”. We’ve all moved to all snippets via Facebook & Twitter that the long form of blogging has been lost.

I doubt I’ll move to longer form pieces and life updates that others have but I feel I’ll hit a full year streak on my blog with some form of content each day.

2 thoughts on “Year of the blog

  1. 🙂 2019 is indeed the year for blogging.

    For the record, people do consume long-form content in the form of well-written articles.

    However, short snippets provided by Twitter and Facebook tend to have the upper hand.

    And, I would like to wish you all the best with this blog of yours!


    1. Thanks, Renard!
      I read long form pieces as well, but I’m not sure it’s something I’ll do on my blog.

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