Reflective thought…

Getting small person in bed and asleep has been a battle for some time. Recently it’s been getting a bit better. He even has “Sleepy” cream from Lush. Tonight he was all over the place, not listening, demanding “just a little snack”, walking up and down the hallway, and throwing his blankie about the shop.

We got upstairs and I sat on the edge of the bed with him, while he demanded a book. A book (and sometimes either Lava or Somewhere Over The Rainbow) is a nightly tradition, so he does know that when I say no book, he’s been naughty.


  • “No, you haven’t listened so you need to lie down, and be quiet. If I don’t hear anything, I’ll be back up and we’ll read a book.”
  • “Book!” (This staccato single word responses are a fairly new thing and they’re effing annoying)
  • “You would like a book, yes? Well I’d like you to lie down. Please lie down and think about why you don’t have a book, and why you’ve been naughty this evening. Do some reflective thought”.
  • Hrmph. Small moan.
  • No question about “reflective thought”.
  • “I’ll be back up, but if you’re not quiet then I’ll be back up and still no book.”
  • I went back and had dinner… silence. I went back up as I said I would, knowing he’d probably be asleep.
  • I guess the reflective thought process worked. I pulled the blankie out from under him and pulled up the covers. Stifling a snigger as he looked like he’d planked the bed.
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