Chicken fajitas with peppers and red onion

One of the awesome Shortcodes I found during my Automattic trial was the Recipes one. Really easy to use and presents in a well laid out format.

Chicken fajitas with peppers and red onion

  • Servings: 4-6
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Print

Easy fajitas using a non-premium brand kit.

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I used chicken breast but you can use beef mince instead.


  • 500g chicken breast
  • two fresh peppers
  • one onion
  • El Tequito Fajita kit from Lidl
  • 100ml water
  • grated cheese
  • guac (premade. sob-sob)
  • soured cream


  1. Chop the chicken (or have a friend do it who happens to be visiting before dinner before you finish work)
  2. img_0112

  3. Chop the veg!
  4. img_0111

  5. Recycle food waste in food waste bin.
  6. img_0113

  7. Add a small bit of oil to the pan and brown the chicken. Why do they call it “browning the chicken”. Brown chicken is burnt chicken!
  8. [gallery ids="1364,1367" type="rectangular"]

  9. Add the veg, and mix the seasoning from the kit with 100ml of water. Make sure nothing burns/sticks to pan/goes wonky.
  10. img_0116

  11. Warm the wraps. Cold wraps are no fun.
  12. Plate up! I recommend a bowl for the food, a separate bowl for grated cheese, and a plate each to make your wrap.
  13. img_0117


While looking for the kit I used, I found this blog about Lidl with a post about the same kit!

Yes, I think I’ve reached peak diversity of posts on this blog. Maybe. I could be wrong.

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