On the bus home from dropping Bamm-Bamm at nursery, The Kid & I were talking about YouTubbers. She’s eight and wanting to start her own videos. We’ve talked about the “dangers of the internet” but I think she might be good at it.

She mentioned a few YouTubbers she likes, including Clare Siobhan, since she loves SIMs 4 and tries to copy Clare and her setups.

I reminisced that I used to watch some YouTubbers back in the day when it started to become a big thing, and wondered if they were still active.

I was happy to find out that Charlie is still active, I always liked his stuff.

I then said like them, I’d had an account for years and remembered I have one video.

Here it is. An almost 12 year old video that was made during a youth week when I was a leader for a small group at “God Camp”

2.2K views with no promotion. SIGN ME UP INFLUENCERS!

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