Music Monday – Busted

Yes. Not even gonna lie. I love this band.

Busted came back in 2016 with the album Nigh Driver which was a departure from their original catchy radio-friendly pop-punk tingled pop of their first two albums.

Well, now they’ve released their fourth studio album and I love it.

Half Way There is a ten song collection which echoes their earlier releases both in lyrical content but also musically. It is updated and if I didn’t know their voices, half the songs wouldn’t sound out of place in a playlist beside Forever Came Calling, Seaway, State Champs, or ROAM, Like Pacific, The Gospel Youth.
It really fits into that rock-punk-pop sound which I can’t help but love.

Half Way There lead with a few singles including these fantastic tunes with videos riffing on nostalgic memories or famous bands.



The album itself has a few points where I could skip if I was inclined but I could put on those two singles along with their re-working What Happened to Your Band (first released by McBusted) or Reunion, constantly.

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