Strawberry Bank

I posted this yesterday on Twitter but I’m uploading here with some context.

View down Strawberry Bank, Dundee. The river Tay is visible in the distance

Although it isn’t filled with as many lanes and back alleys as Glasgow or Edinburgh, there are some really old parts of Dundee like this.

Strawberry Bank is a lane which passes from Perth Road to Magdalen Yard Road (Windsor Place). It is narrow, a proper lane, still fully cobbled and narrow pavements on the side.

I love it so much due to its character and one random drive down it.

I had a friend I met in the Christian Union (CU) when I came to Dundee. He loved driving in his navy blue Fiat Panda, we’d go exploring, and he’d show me these parts of Dundee which were outside of my student route. Being from Broughty Ferry, he knew the city fairly well and with a nippy Panda, we got about the place.

One day we were passing and he said something like “Reckon we could make it?” pointing to the lane. What followed was one of most exhilarating moments of my life. Driving down the lane in this Fiat Panda at probably 20/25 MPH. Over 16 years later and practically every time I know I’m passing, I smile at that experience.

We’ve lost touch now, but I wouldn’t mind going for a drive. Hope you’re still exploring random roads and corners, Dan.

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