Bohemian Rhapsody

Finally watched the Bohemian Rhapsody film via Virgin Media Store. That itself was fairly painless.

I’ve seen a bunch of reactions to the movie, mainly positive on the content and some negative on the editing aspect. I didn’t have any problem with the editing but that’s just me.

As for the story line, I really enjoyed it. Interesting to see the source of some of the most famous songs around. I loved the scene where they’re arguing and Freddie turns up late (again) then John Deacon starts the Another One Bites The Dust bass line. Wonderful.

Rami Malek is something else as Fred. What a casting knockout. His performance was incredible. The “supporting” cast of Queen actors was brilliant as well. Who’d have thought that Tim from Jurassic Park would do a great turn as Deacon.

It lived up to my own hype and since we bought it from the Virgin Media Store, we get a DVD copy to keep so I’m sure I’ll put it on again.

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