Switching the kids rooms

Today was spent swapping the kids rooms. The Kid had the bigger room with built in wardrobes across one wall and a small desk alcove. Bamm-Bamm had a slightly smaller room but no built in storage. We flipped them.

We’d been thinking about swapping for a bit, the games cupboard was getting a mess and we needed more storage for all of small person’s toys. He wasn’t playing with some of them as after a box was on the floor, there was no more space to play. On the flip side, although she loved the alcove, the Kid was getting more into makeup, reading books, or watching YouTube videos, and any games we played downstairs so it made sense,

“An hour or two” was the optimistic timescale I heard, I scoffed.

We had a few breaks for food and a quick walk to the shop, but all in all, we did 11am – 7pm, probably a good 6.5hours of work. Two beds collapsed and moved, a few units shifted about, set of shelves changed rooms, and a LOT of toys moved about.

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