AFK Days Two and Three

The back garden has Astro turf. I’ve mentioned it before but the past year it got bad. It is a constant effort to keep it clean/clear and this snowballs to the rest of the garden. We’ve decided to use this time to repaint with the idea that fresh paint will help until we can tackle the turf area.

Tuesday was about starting the painting. Along with The Kid we got the top fence section painted, the small wall, and decided on the rest of the plan.

Wednesday I started on the decking, it took longer than expected due to trying to fully cover the decking with the paint. Those grooves are annoying, combined with the weird positions you have to contort into to roller/brush properly. Zara started on the wooden balustrade that we decided to keep light green to match the repainted bench and some pots.

We called a half day when the rain started and our bodies were sore. Trying to take some photos throughout this so we can do a before and after at the end.

I played a few games of Fortnite with B, he’s getting good but he gets frustrated easily and needs to learn team work 😂

Posting this from the mobile app while I wait on hold for Virgin Media (again!). I only want to change my package since Disney+ is now in the UK so I don’t need the Kids channel on my package.

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