Motivation for the long haul

This is the first post in the Support Driven Spring 2017 Writing Challenge

Motivation: What makes you excited about working in customer support? Each of us has a path that landed us here – but what keeps you going month after month?


I’ve been in Customer Support (s/Service/) in some form for as long as I have worked, and over the past two years I’ve accepted that this is where I a) want to be, and b) what I’m damn good at.

A month or so ago I recorded a video for the Automattic Meet Our Colleagues YouTube series with my co-worker KP from Theam, we chatted over Zoom and then I did a recording which was later edited by Tish, and Sarah gave it a blurb to make me sound interesting! (I’ll add a link here when it’s live).

Anyway, part of the questions was around why I enjoy working at Automattic, working in support, what skills you need etc and Kathryn loved one line I came out with – “I work for a software company who power at least 25% of the web’s online stores – that’s mind-blowing”. I mentioned how I love hearing back from customers when my advice has helped them set up their online store using WooCommerce.

This is core to what my motivation is – seeing results in the support I’ve given to people. 

We all get knocked back, motivation falters, we get a bad feedback rating, someone takes their frustration at the product or process out on us; but at the end of the day we are there to support people using our products, plus I will never stop learning from my mistakes.

The group in the Support Driven Slack has been a huge help over the past year, the community that Scott is nurturing there is fantastic. These people are a motivation to me as well – we help each other, we support everyone. If you believe in Support as a Career, please join us, or at least sign up to the newsletter.

Featured image by the talented Jeff Sheldon (AK Ugmonk) from his Unsplash Collection

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