p2 list for going AFK

After coming back from Portugal to a bunch of notifications, I decided this time that I would go one step further.

Part of the joy of Automattic is that we document everything since Communication is Oxygen. If you miss something, there will be a P2 post or Slack threads you can search on our internal Matt’s Global Search tool (which a bunch of folks just made so much better with ElasticSearch!) so you know what’s happened.

I keep a private personal p2 which I have a template for most work days with things I do regularly and then add new to-dos to it, so of course, I made a quick one today to make sure I got everything covered.

Today I went through and did my final holiday prep before heading to Orlando with the family.


People know I’m AFK, I’ve set my status on Slack to AFK, and whenever people mention me on internal p2 sites, my name will appear with a 🌴 to show I’m AFK. Pretty useful!

When I come back, I can catch up with the weekly roundups, check in with my team, Sirius, to see what’s been happening, and jump back into work.

3 thoughts on “p2 list for going AFK

  1. That’s pretty hardcore, even deleting alert words and leaving channels in addition to deleting the app. Good for you man!

    Curious, what is set reminders for alert words? Like just set a reminder to add the alert words back?

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    1. Yea so I know deleting the Slack app kinda makes leaving channels etc null and void, but I didn’t want to come back to lots of unreads and have a slow app. Starting afresh really.
      Literally that – I left my most used channels, and reminder is literally “/remind me rejoin [list of channels] 23rd October 2pm”


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