Sometimes this little “remote jobs” thing surprises me

Remote In Tech

I’m always interested to see if and how the remote-jobs repository is popular. I’ve looked on GitHub at the Insights > Traffic tab quite a few times, and tweeted previously about it.

I wanted to know exactly what “views” and “unique visitors” meant when there is only a 14 day window shown.

github_traffic_visitors Visitors chart for up to 6th December

2.5K views, wut?!

“Is that in the 2 week period, surely not… * counts individual days * …oh ” and “I wonder if those uniques are a tally?”

So I asked GitHub support, and sure enough, those numbers are _only_ for the period shown. Yes, if someone comes back like every 3 weeks, they are shown as a unique for each count, but still, this is humbling to me.

github_traffic_refer.png Referring sites up to 6th Dec

Those top four are consistent. The reddit ones are a bunch of threads which change…

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