It starts with a commit

tl;dr I have now contributed ~once~ twice to improving the WooCommerce plugin.

Much like how I got started in contributing to the Remote in Tech list with a few “simple” commits, I now have started with two small tweaks of the WooCommerce plugin.

I realised we didn’t link to our core Importer documentation in the readme, so I added it & then I dealt with a Stripe ticket using Apple pay where the shipping wasn’t working as expected. What was happening was the wording in the plugin didn’t match what was expected (and what was in our documentation), so I updated it.But I broke that one and offered to Gerhard fix it.

These are utterly tiny in the scale of things, but like other commits in this release, each small edit makes the overall experience better for everyone. These changes will hopefully help at least a handful of people who use WooCommerce every day, and if I can help at least one person Ship their idea, then that is a win for me.

Oh, and yea, 3.3 is out now (dev blog) 📦

Really this should have been posted on my blog but ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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