Turn it around

I’m trying a change in desk set up this week. I’ve had trouble focusing when using two monitors as I usually end up using only my Macbook screen and having “non essential” apps on the monitor screen.

I’m changing it up so now I have the setup roughly split like this:


  • Slack
  • Chrome for documentation, GitHub, P2, and other “information” sites.
  • Simplenote (especially after a nasty bug was quashed)


  • Chrome for Zendesk (tickets ) & Olark (live chat)
  • Atom
  • Terminal
  • Spotify
  • 1Password

Will this work? No idea, but seems to help so far it.

I’m using the Automattic branded Roost stand that Scott kindly sent off to me about a year ago.

(I’ve been living in those Stripe docs for like the past two weeks)

4 thoughts on “Turn it around

  1. What’s with the mouse on the left side of the keyboard? Are you a leftie?

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    1. Yes sir, leftie, always used my mouse on the left 👍🏻

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