Timehop backdating

I’ve used Timehop since before it was called that. It’s a mobile app which hooks into the main social networks and each day gives you a snapshot of those posts from years ago. It’s interesting to look at a post and reminisce about it.

I was thinking on Saturday at the Final Struggle when the last time I saw most of the folks I meet up with and I realised it was almost four years ago. The only reason I remember is that Zara was pregnant with Ben and it was the final Swellers gig in Scotland before they retired.

I’m going to start backdating a lot whenever something comes up on Timehop – a) I have everything in one place (tweets, Swarm Checkins, maybe an old Tumblr post) from a certain event and b) because social networks WILL be forgotten. I’ve already lost a bunch of old photos due to an old photo service called Picplz being retired (and similar with YFrog!), and related c) WordPress(.com), I truly believe, is here for the long term. I can export my whole blog, download all the images, and put it anywhere.

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