Publishing anniversaries

I got my yearly ping today:

Screenshot 2018-12-03 at 12.51.04


Which reminded me that I hit 11 years on Twitter just over a week ago:


I think I should feel happier that I ended up publishing first on (via another blog before2008-03-29) rather than Twitter. Took me five months to post a tweet:

My first posts on are long since deleted, and the first blog I used (aside from this one), is now private with a handful of posts.

This got me thinking, my posting frequency online has decreased dramatically in the past few years. Timehope skips days at times but when I hit years ago, I have many tweets or Facebook posts a day. I wish I had kept them updated in some form. There are sometimes I look at Timehop and see a tweet, Swarm post or Facebook post which makes me think “What was I doing that day? Why did I check in there? What did I mean by that comment?”.

I’m not one for new years resolutions. To me, it is another day but I want to purposely start journalling my life more. Possibly a daily post here with something but at least a journal of sorts so I can refer to something years down the line.

After all, when the online services are gone, I can still own all the data here. There are times when I wish I’d exported my blogspot blog, my MySpace postings. Why? To understand where I’ve come from, why things happened, or simply, context.

I do like a good anniversary. They should me growth or development.

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