Today You Are Four

We’re recreating a photo from when he was a day old (“aww baby Ben!”). He even put his finger on his lip, I didn’t ask him.

(correction, these aren’t the same glasses. Wow, my glasses are over four years old, my new ones are on order)

As usual, Timehop gave me Benj through the years.

When he was two hours old 👶🏻 The other photo to this has him sticking up his middle fingers 😂

Driving his police car which still lives in the garden 👮🏻‍♂️🚓

On holiday driving round Seaton Sands on go-karts 🚴🏻‍♂️

On the bus home after nursery 🚌

He was sick twice over the weekend so had to stay off nursery until tomorrow, but he’s better now. We stayed in PJs, he wore his Batman hat for a bit (of course), made his new Cars 3 LEGO set, played with new toy dinosaurs, and watched tv.

I took today off work for his birthday and realised on Friday it would end up just being me in the house so it kinda worked out well to be here with him.

That featured image is when he was dancing to something the morning I came back from the Grand Meetup, he loves to dance 🕺🏻

Life is an adventure with him ❤️

2018-07-07 19.42.08

2 thoughts on “Today You Are Four

  1. ❤️Happy birthday, Ben!

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