Read the ‘structions!

My papa had a great phrase while we were growing up “Read the ‘structions!”, mainly about LEGO, to read the details to get everything in order and built. Overall, it is a very versatile phrase and even now I wish people would read documentation more.

Tonight I built the Playmobil Ghostbusters House with a little help from Benji.

I also went on a tweetstorm about how problematic the instructions booklet is compared to LEGO ones.

tl;dr package related steps in the same bag. Give clear instructions. Build awesome things.

2 thoughts on “Read the ‘structions!

  1. I suspect that LEGO has a much better user centred approach to their entire process, including packaging, than Playmobil. I suspect that the Playmobil parts are packaged as they are because it’s easier for them in the factory, while LEGO keep their eye on the end user. Just a thought.


    1. Y’know, I had a similar half baked thought similar. I like your thinking


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