Balgay Pavilion

Playing Ingress and Pokémon GO, I end up finding out about interesting historical things that otherwise I wouldn’t know about.

The tagline from the start of Ingress was “It’s time to move”. Telling you that you had to physically find the places in the game.

Now, there can be some utter nonsense submitted as Portals, but some gems as well. So I’m not surprised that most of Balgay Park in Dundee is covered in them, such as the Planet Trail.

So, also being a Foursquare nerd, I like to check-in to places I visit. Due to low uptake among my friends, I mainly use it as a “What did I do on that day?” or “When was I last there?”. I try to add new places if they don’t exist. Both to Ingress and in Swarm.

It has taken me years to realise that Balgay Pavilion is on Ingress and PoGO but not Swarm! Well, now it is, along with a classic dreary photo.

The history is standard. Old lovely building/structure gets forgotten, then gets vandalised and a community group help to restore it. You can read more on the Friends of Balgay website. It’s a nice spot to sit and rest after a walk around the extensive cemetery/parks.

Given support, there could be great outdoor concerts held there showcasing local talent.

I also added Balgay (Hill) Bridge to Swarm as well. Still not see the White Lady. (Friends link).

Happy exploring.

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