1000 Likes / 101 posts

I guess my coworkers like me…


(You to can get fancy achievement badges if you post lots, or take orders, or get followers. Or get post Streaks.)

This will post will be number 101 on this blog. Not bad considering this site address (dougaitken.wordpress.com) originally was created on Dec 1st 2007 and I hardly used it for years.

Expect to see posting frequency go all hockey stick 📈

Lol, shut up past doug. Need to make more use of the funky vanity URL more in 2019. Maybe one day I’ll match Nick or Zandy (I think Zandy is on like 700 odd now).
Or holy smokes, 1848?! Over 5 years of daily posts! (Well done John Jr!)

6 thoughts on “1000 Likes / 101 posts

  1. Congratulations Doug, and thank you. 🙂

    I am currently at 1,904; I had to stop making posts about the notifications because I get them every day since I make posts for everyday. 😀

    Good luck with blogging more often.

    For me I set a goal years ago to try to at least blog my dreams everyday, even if I only remember one thing or even nothing, and doing that helped to set the routine of blogging every day and it also improved my dream recall to superpower levels. 😉

    -John Jr


    1. Whoa. That’s fantastic! Do post at 2000 😜
      Maybe we should calm the achievement badge notification after certain levels then do them at like 2K, 2.5K, and such 🤔

      Thank you!

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      1. Hello Doug,

        Thank you, that is a good idea, hopefully I will remember that.

        Calming the achievement badges sounds like a good idea as well, though trying to figure out a good balance for that could be a bit tricky, but with the right statistics / user feedback that could lead to an improvement. 😉

        Thank you for replying and I hope to remember your suggestion. 🙂

        -John Jr

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      2. Hello Doug,

        I missed my chance to do a post exactly at 2,000, I did not forget your suggestion, but I did forget to check during that time because I usually do not check my notifications that much but I do check my email alerts et cetera (I wish that we could get email alerts for things like that); I am currently at 2,028 and still going strong. 🙂

        Thank you,
        -John Jr

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        1. Incredible work!
          I’ll pass on the thought about an email notification for streak milestones to the team.

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        2. Thank you Doug, it would be nice to have an email alert options for other achievements too like Likes / Follows / et cetera. 🙂

          Have a nice day,
          -John Jr

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