Major League – The Missing Years

I caught this yesterday since majorleaguenj rarely post so Instagram pushed a notification to me this was in their story.

And I’m so happy I did. Three of my favourite Major League songs are on this title.


Baltimore and Philadelphia were both songs on the Cities and States split with Giants At Large. Genuinely two of my favourite tracks from ML.

Some Kids Just Can’t Hang was a single track released during 2011 to help pay for a new van and included in a Japan-only release. It wasn’t included on the Nov 2012 release Hard Feelings.

Hometown Heroes is an OLD song and it’s sampled right at the start of I Don’t Like You Whatsoever off the 2010 release The Truth Is…

Also, Brian put me on the guest list* when they played Glasgow with Such Gold and Funeral For A Friend. That was an amazing show.

I used to be such a music nerd for stuff like this, nowadays I couldn’t tell you anything about releases.

*I didn’t ask, I just needed a ticket and he said he would so I bought merch. Of course, I bought merch. I think I still have the hoodie somewhere.

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