Spotify Wrapped

The end of every year, I get nostalgic with the “end of year” lists.

Spotify are again doing their year “Wrapped up”.

I got the email:

This year, you listened to 3,636 different songs on Spotify. But which will be your #1?

I mean, no surprises from me:

Not gonna lie, I’m surprised Home Wrecker was number one but I think that is because it was often in my Daily Mixes. As I mentioned before, I do like Major League. Probably the same for Motion Sickness. Isn’t even my favourite Neck Deep song.

Yes, tracks two, three, and five are all NFG and all off Makes Me Sick Again.

This wasn’t a surprise either:

You spent 29 hours listening with your favourite artist New Found Glory

That means I listened to NFG for 8.7% of my total Spotify listening.

I will wait to see what has for me, I miss the old days when you knew was built by a team who cares about the Audioscrobbler experience but now it seems like CBS isn’t putting in much effort. The developer area has really been abandoned and the apps are, the last time I checked, untouched.

Top genre, Indie. Puh-leeeez :hairflip:

Get yours here – Spotify Wrapped.

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