Phone Home Screen – December 2018

Every so often, someone posts on one of the general Automattic watercooler p2s some “show me your…” type posts. We’ve had mugs, and desks, and phone screens along with other random “I need advice / this is cool” type posts.

Yesterday I replied to a “What does your phone’s home screen look like?” post. Here is my reply, with added links and notes.

Top row: | | Gmail | GoogleCalendar

Second row: “social media” folder (Swarm / Instagram / Timehop / WhatsApp / Telegram) | Google folder (Chrome / RemoteDesktop / Google Maps / Sheets / Hangouts / Google Photos / Gboard / Google / Google Home) | a8c folder (WP internal / WooCommerce beta / WordPress public / Simplenote beta / Simplenote / Basecamp / Droplr / Egencia) | Dropbox
Third row: 1Password | Authy | Spotify | Pokémon GO
Ingress Prime | PUBG MOBILE | ClassDojo (classroom app for kids school) |
Fourth row: Monzo (bank app with a custom icon) | Twitter | Gyroscope (with OG icon)

Bottom row: | | Brave | Slack (multiple teams connected)

This has reminded me to go through and move a bunch to 2nd / 3rd screen where other apps are, might even delete some as well. I often use Spotlight search to open apps rather than clicking.

And I have a bunch of Widgets when I swipe left:

  • Bank balance and “spent today”
  • WordPress site – visitors and views
  • Google Calendar day view
  • Up Next (for
  • Authy (for Two Factor Authentication codes)
  • Screen Time

Background by Joan Rho


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