One Hundred Thousand


I’ve gone over 100K words written on our internal p2s since I started my trial. Which, incidentally was just over 2 years ago.


🤓 Rough math going on weekly word counts it looks like I hit it on one of my weekly updates after I came back from AFK on 9th April.

Considering my first words typed on Automattic P2s was on 12th April 2016, I find that frustrating I didn’t hit the 100K exactly two years on 😂

I’m sure someone could tell me the exact post or comment which clicked over if I really wanted to.

This isn’t to mention my literally tens of thousands of messages in Slack (DMs, private channels, along with all public comments. And that’s messages, not words!


This all goes to reinforce part of the Automattic Creed:

I will communicate as much as possible because it’s the oxygen of a distributed company

That is a decent number to me, but nowhere near Sara’s ONE MILLION (last May!).

Interested in writing down allthethings and communicating with co-workers in text, gifs, and emoji? Come and Work With Us!

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