This Is Going To Hurt

I’ve known about this book from when it was published but mainly due to the fact that I rarely (if ever) read books, it took me until getting it for Christmas this year to read it.

I’ve known Adam very casually for the past eight/nine years after a friend introduced me to the Amateur Transplants, the dark comedy act. Previously a duo made up of Adam Kay and Suman Biswas, then Adam’s solo act.

The songs were classic and contemporary pop songs remixed with new words that the pair wrote while working for the NHS in the early/mid naughties. 2008 was possibly the first show I went to, but definitely 2009.

I saw them at the Fringe and a few other shows over the years. Smutty as they come, but fantastic live show.

So reading through this, I was transported back to that time, watching the timeline for when I went to a show. Or that time I helped Adam & “H” with their missing grocery order.

I knew Adam had left the role and moved onto script writing and such full time a number of years ago and I recognised some medical terms in the songs, but this book takes his personal diary extracts and adds context to them to show his journey over the years.


Get it on paperback, hardback, or narrated by Adam himself, it really is as good as the critics say.

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