10 years since Blue Skies, Broken Hearts…Next 12 Exits


I have this photo on my window sill. It’s a signed photo by Kris Roe of The Ataris. I got it signed at an acoustic gig which happened 10 years ago.


I’ve loved The Ataris from the first time I heard them. Probably a Vans Warped Tour CD back in the day.

The gig was an acoustic at this fairly small club in Glasgow. Just Kris and his guitar. More recently he’s not been the nicest guy around but that night he was pleasant and friendly. My friend got my the ticket as part of a Secret Santa at work, it was such a surprise to open that envelope and see the ticket. I kept the stub, along with so many others but they got chucked a while back.

You can see that print in this photo of (most of) my stubs as of April 2013:


Side note – that strip of six on the left were from the During the 6 Albums / 6 Shows / 6 Nights run of shows Less Than Jake did in London, 11th – 16th September 2007.

Seeing that pinboard brings back so many memories. Maybe I should do a post just about that board.

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