Tumblr Adult Content Review

I don’t think I need to tell many people who are vaguely aware of the news that after Tumblr announced a massive overhaul of their content and introduced an adult filter, that this has been often incorrectly flagging posts.

Part of my backdating is driven by seeing posts linking from Twitter to my old Tumblr blog. It’s still only but it’s private. I’m going to migrate a lot over and eventually have most of it here. It helped me remember great events and more often than not, a fantastic gig I went to.

When I click on these posts on Timehop and go through to my Twitter on my phone, the links look dead since they don’t return a positive result. I tried to copy and paste a link the other day and logged into Tumblr on my mobile browser but it redirected to the feed page, but I got a popup notification saying to install the app. Might as well, it’ll help me read them. Negative, it still doesn’t load the URL 🙃 …but then I noticed I had flagged content!

Logged in on a desktop I got the banner:


It heads to a https://www.tumblr.com/blog/[blogsubdomain]/review page and not gonna lie, I had a good a laugh.


Sure, the Cock on a sock is borderline at best (I never ended up doing it haha) but the other four?!

My ear.
Empire Biscuits.
My wrist.
My ankle (those damn bites!).

It looks like anything with mainly bare skin or something that looks look boobies gets flagged.

This is why automated online content is difficult.

I do have the export (all 6.23GB of it, almost 9K posts when I exported) so I’ll throw it up on a private WordPress.com site soon and review what I want to keep.

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