6 months later…

Screenshot of my dates on the internal a8c people site

Last Thursday (29th December) was my 6 month (full time) Automattiversary

In that time I’ve:

  • Learned the basics of over a hundred different pieces of software that I didn’t even know about
  • Handled a few thousand interactions – tickets, Twitter, and Facebook
    • Been part of a new Social Guild
  • Supported two colleagues through their Support Rotations after they joined Automattic
    • Joined Training Core, asked to be Live Chat Wrangler
  • Been across to Whistler, Canada for an all company meet up
  • Broken Tested so much software you wouldn’t know
  • Been given 16 (internal) Kudos from my colleagues. Heartwarming and humbling

Also, I helped ship a feature to WordPress.com

It’s been a rollercoaster, and there are a host of future posts whirling in my head about remote work, my trial, Automattic in general, and more.

Also, I got this sweet doug.blog from Automattic, which comes with a caveat of posting regularly on the domain, so expect more!

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