Weird job titles…

One of my co-workers shared this article by Business Insider and mentioned that we feature twice on this list of “17 wild job titles companies are using to attract millennials”

Fun fact. Automattic has been using the title Happiness Engineer for at least a decade. Well before the term was in common parlance. 

I’m a Millenial. “Early eighties” is the rough start time so Millenials are at least 30 by now… we’re not using the title to attract any particular age group. In fact, although no one has to publish their age, we have people in Happiness ranging early twenties all the way up.

Our “weird” job title is only official. It’s on the employment contract as a “Happiness Engineer”, but internally you can use any title you want. Currently, I’m an “Auror” but I’ve been thinking about changing that recently. Probably “software breaker”.

Also. We have no Happiness Engineers in SF anymore that I know of.
We’re fully distributed.

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