Lifechat with Adam; fixing Netflix, eco, and home buying

In Automattic, we have a “life chat” Slack channel, it uses Donut, the same bot we use for onboarding, and it matches you with another person in the channel once a month.

You can chat whenever and however you want, it’s a nice option to bring together people who otherwise wouldn’t interact much and gives us that “watercooler chat” that office workers take for granted.

This time around I was matched with Adam. He’s a fairly new (mid 2018) HE who I first met at the Grand Meet-up. My trial lead was his, and so Pam grabbed me one evening and said “I have someone for you to meet, I think you’ll get on well”. She was right, we ended up chatting for a bit that evening.

Adam lives “down south” and as well as Engineering happiness for customers, also runs Carrot Tops Allotment.

We had a great chat over lunchtime, we chatted houses, no commutes, recycling and great eco discussions and basically came up with an amazing tiered usage plan which we believe would increase Netflix profits 😂

10/10 would (and will!) lifechat with Adam again.

2 thoughts on “Lifechat with Adam; fixing Netflix, eco, and home buying

  1. It was a great lunchtime and thank you!

    P.s. You’re welcome Netflix.

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