First six weeks at Automattic

Six weeks ago today I let the news fly.

I’d spent over three hours a few nights before, on Slack with Matt, at the end of which, he offered me a full time position.

How is the job?
V v cool.

A lot of learning – moving from Happiness to WooCommerce Support with no prior Woo experience, I’ve started from the ground up. The role itself compliments my skill set very warmly, I didn’t realise just how well until my team lead explained to me why she was super happy I joined.

I’ll be following up some a series of posts about the Trial itself, along with general remote working. There are a lot of great posts out there about experiences of the A8c Trial, and I’d love to lend my hindsight to that.

As ever, we’re hiring.

Why? There is always a need for more awesome people to support the fantastic customers who use all of Automattic’s products.

7 thoughts on “First six weeks at Automattic

  1. Yay! You got your welcome package! So happy you’re part of the team Doug!! 🙂

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    1. Thanks Tish! That was such a lovely surprise! I’m so happy to be here!

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