Doug breaks software

I have this third-person saying that “80% of the time, Doug will break software”.

Job & I were starting on a “career discussion” type project in our 1:1 and I realised again how often during my, by some standards, pretty normal customer service/support career, that I’ve been allowed to try and break software over the years.

A memorable time was when I broke one of the first builds of the Tesco Android app that was released outside of the R&D mobile team.

Then tonight, I reminded myself of this again when I did some testing of a new project which is launching in work and I started my recap post with this:


Doug ~breaks~ tests the [redacted] (part 1)

I like it. I might not know how to code, but being able to put fresh eyes on something helps the developers find bugs they might have not noticed initially.

Also, something about not just doing my core work.

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